New release: The Night Before the Wedding

Fujisaki Kou’s The Night Before the Wedding (Kekkon Zenya, 結婚前夜) is now available from SuBLime! In a twisted tale of the seduction of taboo, two brothers find that some bonds go deeper than… Continue reading

Weekly DMG Round-up 2/4/12-8/4/12

RELEASES:   All Knight’s Terms (Kishi no Jouken, 騎士の条件) by Takamure Tamotsu [Kindle | Nook] The Faithful Dog Waits For Flowers (Chuuken wa Hana o Matsu, 忠犬は花を待つ) by Yamada Mario [Nook] Would That… Continue reading

Daily Briefs 7/4/12

   Updated the Up-coming Releases page, with new titles given release dates. Notably, Ai no Kusabi volume 7 and Only the Ring Finger Knows volume 5 have been given the release date of… Continue reading

New release: Good Morning

Juné has released Natsumizu Ritsu’s Good Morning, ahead of the scheduled April 20th! Currently only available in  at Akadot and Yaoiclub, for $10.50.

New license: Happy End Apartment

JManga revealed in their latest newsletter that est em’s Apartments of Calle Feliz (Happy End Apartment) will be released in English next Thursday! Can’t wait!

New license: Junai Ero Ki + President Momoi Kun

Even DMP didn’t know Psyche Delico’s Junai Ero Ki had been newly licensed by DMG! The title has been localised as “Pure Love’s Sexy Time.” DMP also announced via their newsletter that Nishida… Continue reading

Tweets of Interest

DMP’s sales manager tweeted that Nakamura Asumiko titles have been licensed for DMG. No word on which titles yet! Double Mints has been rumoured to be one of the titles. Also, last month… Continue reading

DMG licenses

I’ve added a page with all of DMG’s BL licenses, arranged by mangaka. Hope I didn’t miss anything,  if I did then please leave a note! I’ll try to keep it up-to-date as… Continue reading

Weekly DMG Round-up 26/3/12-1/4/12

 RELEASES: All Sentimental Garden Lover (センチメンタルガーデンラバー) by Ogura Muku [Kindle | Nook] My Sweet Home (マイスイート ホーム) by Nanase Kai [Nook] Yuri-sensei is in a Good Mood Today as Well (Yuri Sensei wa… Continue reading

New release: Yebisu Celebrities + The Scent of Apple Blossoms

Yebisu Celebrities Volume 1 (YEBISUセレブリティーズ) by Iwamoto Kaoru and Fuwa Shinri and The Scent of Apple Blossoms Volume 1 (Shizuku Hanabira Ringo no Kaori, 雫 花びら 林檎の香り) by Kawai Toko are now available from… Continue reading