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Weekly DMG round-up 18/11/13-24/11/13

Release: I Want To Hear Your Voice (Kimi no Koe ga Kikitai) by Yukari Hashida [eManga] All titles cost $7.95 Advertisements

Weekly DMG round-up 7/10/13-13/10/13

Release: Switch On! by Kashio [eManga | Kindle] All titles cost $7.95. Promos: Use the code WEEKEND get 15% off your order of $20 or more on eManga! Valid until the 13th. Get… Continue reading

Weekly DMG round-up 8/7/13-14/7/13

Sink Into You by Aya Ishino. [eManga] Prince and Butler by Rayra Katagiri. [eManga] All titles cost $7.95.

Weekly DMG round-up 3/6/13-9/6/13

My Yaoi-Con 2012 Report by Uki Ogasawara [eManga]  – $0.99

Weekly DMG round-up 20/5/13-26/5/13

New Yuiji Aniya title from DMG this week: A Convenient Man (Mister Convenience, ミスターコンビニエンス) by Yuiji Aniya [eManga] Dark Green and A Dream of Silver by Torimaia [Kindle | Nook] The Pain in… Continue reading

Weekly DMG round-up 6/5/13-12/5/13

News: eManga is now on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Releases: Dark Green and a Dream of Silver by Torimaia [eManga] Paradise of Sin by Kimiyoshi [eManga] All releases cost $7.95

Weekly DMG round-up 29/4/13-5/5/13

Several DMG and Juné titles have been removed from Amazon’s Kindle store. The following titles can be bought off eManga or elsewhere: Yokan – Premonition vol.1, Author’s Pet, Sadistic Boy, Mourning Dinner Party,… Continue reading

Weekly DMG round-up 22/4/13-28/4/13

  It’s Not Love (novel) by Ikue Ishida & Siira Gou [eManga] Sadistic Boy 3: When I Wake Up, I Wish You Were With Me by Torimaia [eManga] All releases cost $7.95

Weekly DMG round-up 15/4/13-21/4/13

Ice Eagle, Fire Hawk by Shushushu Sakurai [Kindle | Nook] Sumida River Love Suicide by Mayu Taumi [Kindle | Nook] Titles also available on eManga, please check the mangaka tag for links. All… Continue reading

Weekly DMG round-up 8/4/13-14/4/13

The Cat in the Box (Neko ga Hako no Naka) by Sumako Kari [eManga] All releases cost $7.95