[Mod post] regarding BLupdates..

Hello, it’s been a while since BLupdates has updated -although not due to lack of news. Unfortunately, since I’ve now graduated my priorities need to be shifted and I am no longer able to maintain BLupdates regularly. My interest in BL has dropped over time too, though recently it is resurfacing again. I wanted to maintain BLupdates until the 2nd year anniversary in March to decide what to do with the site, but unfortunately I couldn’t keep up.

If anyone is interested in taking over BLupdates please drop a message! You can leave a comment/tweet/email (boysloveupdates@gmail.com). I’ll be happy to hand over the place and my resources.
Also, if there’s any interest (leave a comment etc), even if no one wants to take over the place, I’ll be happy to keep updating the release calendar regardless.

Thank you for the support. BLupdates wouldn’t had lasted this long if it weren’t for you!