Digital edition of “Spiritual Police” 1 now available, “False Memories” returns for digital purchase

Spiritual_Police1The digital edition of Youka Nitta’s Spiritual Police volume 1 is now available to buy digitally for $5.99 from SuBLime or as a Nook Book (8% off).
You can also purchase a print copy at the following retailers: Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes&Noble, RightStuf.

Isaku Natsume’s False Memories volume 1 was unavailable for digital purchase for a while due to licensing issues, but has now returned. SuBLime has also noted that the second volume (print and digital) will be likely be pushed back to July 2014 from the expected March 2014 date.

false memories Purchase a digital copy at SuBLime or from Nook (currently 8% off!).
Print copies available at Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes & Nobles, Right Stuf.