New release: “Spiritual Police” 1 + “Blue Morning” 3

Two new print titles from SuBLime:


Spiritual Police volume 1 by Youka Nitta.

Rookie police officer Nagatsuma doesn’t believe in superstitious mumbo-jumbo, so he’s skeptical the first time he visits a chiropractor known as the “Spiritual Doctor.” But he soon learns that the blind, beautiful Aoi is more than just a physical therapist: when he lays his hands on his patients, he can see into their fates and souls. But is Aoi the saintly healer he seems to be? And when the two men give in to the desire for a more-than-clinical relationship, can Nagatsuma separate his new feelings from his job on the force?

PRINT Amazon-$10.30 | Book Depository-$11.68 | Barnes&Noble-$10.40 | RightStuf-$9.74


Blue Morning volume 3 by Shoko Hidaka.

Clinging to his fierce, unwavering love for Katsuragi, Akihito moves ever closer to an engagement to the daughter of Duke Sajo. Firmly focused on his future, Akihito asks his friend Ishizaki’s father to be his go-between in the marriage talks, but Ishizaki insists that in exchange he wants Tomoyuki Katsuragi! Around the same time, former houseboy Amamiya discovers mysterious documents relating to Katsuragi’s lineage.

PRINT Amazon-$10.30 |Book Depository-$11.68 | Barnes&Noble-$10.05 | RightStuf-$9.74