Otome’s Way starts Kickstarter for BL-themed Japanese language learning textbook


Ever wanted to learn Japanese? Now you can with the help of BL! Otome’s Way is hoping to bring the second volume in their A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese series through online crowd-funding site Kickstarter.

Unlike the majority of the Japanese teaching material available now, A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese takes a very modern, practical approach to Japanese, including an introduction to informal/standard sentence structure. Many students find it difficult to understand conversational Japanese because their textbooks are both out-of-date and place a high importance on the standard formal speech forms (known as “desu/masu forms”). In volume 2, the colloquial speech pattern (or “da form”) will be covered early on along with the standard formal speech and honorific forms. This approach is meant to help learners that watch Japanese anime, film, or TV dramas as a form of language listening practice. Nothing is more important than listening to and picking up on native, naturally spoken dialects and sentence flow when learning a second language. Fujoshi’s Guide 2 aims to help Japanese enthusiasts by laying down a foundation for them to understand what they’re reading and watching in their everyday life by describing common verb forms and updated vocabulary that people really want to know.

Details about what the volume will hold:

  • 180 pages of informative text and illustrations written by the extraordinarily talented team from the original Fujoshi’s Guide, Yumiko Akeba and Ai Yusura. Depending on how much support we receive, we can add additional illustration pages as we proceed!
  • Digital recordings of the textbook conversations, listening sections, and vocabulary lessons performed by rising young vocal talent in Japan. In the previous volume, we also included audio segments of the main characters’ conversations and pronunciation guides for the Japanese vocabulary. We intend to invite the same professional voice actors to reprise their roles for this new volume.
  • Downloadable content in various formats so that you can store the study guide on the device of your choice. Previously Fujoshi’s Guide was only available in a few very specific formats. We’re planning on increasing the types of downloadable content so as to make the material accessible from a wider variety of devices and platforms.
  • Grammar content covering demonstrative forms, adjectives, possessives, and more verbs and vocabulary. This includes practical examples of the different levels of formal and informal speech.
  • Kanji character matrices totaling about 120 new symbols to build off of the writing examples from volume 1. Easy-to-use charts will be added to the backs of each chapter for reference.

Check out the full details @ the Kickstarter page!

Otome’s Way released the first volume earlier in May.