New release: “Tableau Numero 20” + “Sleeping Moon” 2

Two new SuBLime titles are out!

thumb-1717-Tableau_Numero 20 Site Cover

Tableau Numero 20 by est em.

Ten years ago, while still a student, Maurice stumbled across an illustration in an artist’s sketchbook that instantly captivated him. A drawing of a beautiful youth with sad, gentle eyes, an expression that spoke of love and forgiveness. Now settled into his successful career as an art restoration expert, Maurice is shocked by the sudden appearance of a young man who looks exactly like the one in the drawing. Who, in fact, insists that he is the one in the drawing… A collection of short stories by the incomparable est em.

PRINT Amazon-$10.25 | Book Depository-$11.68 | Barnes & Noble-$10.36 | Right Stuf-$9.74
DIGITAL PDF and online viewing – $5.99

thumb-1716-Sleeping_Moon V2 Site Cover

Sleeping Moon volume 2 by Kano Miyamoto.

While investigating a curse that brings an early death to his family’s direct male descendants, Akihiko experiences a time slip into the Meiji Period. There he meets Eitaro, a student also trying to solve the same mystery. The two men grow close, but the nearer Akihiko gets to the truth, the more his body seems to fade away. Will solving the mystery of the curse mean his future self will cease to exist? And what of his feelings for Eitaro? The curtain closes on this romantic tale of time travel, ancient curses, and mystery!

PRINT Amazon-9.78 | Book Depository-$12.99 | Barnes & Noble-$8.15 | Right Stuf-$9.74