New release: “Lies Are A Gentleman’s Manners” digital edition

Volume 1 of Marta Matsuo’s Lies Are A Gentleman’s Manners is now available on eManga!

lies are a gentleman's manners

Lies Are A Gentleman’s Manners (Usotsuki wa Shinshi no Hajimari) by Marta Matsuo.

Brash med student Jonathan has been stealing drugs from his school’s hospital and selling them to his classmates! When a sly professor discovers his racket, Jonathan agrees to a physical relationship in exchange for keeping mum. But what happens when a simple business transaction turns into a heated almost-love affair?

Lies are a Gentleman’s Manner reveals the devilishly dirty secrets of the high-society set! With appearances to uphold and family legacies to honor, any “extracurricular” activity must be kept hush-hush. But can a man with a doting wife, a darling child, a spoiled lover and a sordid past truly get the balance right?

DIGITAL eManga – $7.50

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The print version should be hitting Akadot late October and November for other retailers.