New license: “A Waltz In The Clinic” + “A Murmur of the Heart”

Two Makoto Tateno titles have been licensed by DMI! Both of these titles will be available in print and digital.

A Waltz In The Clinic A Waltz in the Clinic (Kenshuui wa Koakuma to Odoru)

The manga centers on the medical resident Tōno, who is constantly rejecting a physician named Misawa. Tōno avoids Misawa’s internal medicine department to hang around the pediatrics ward, but when the director’s son, a somewhat sexy med school student, is hospitalized for a broken bone, Tōno is assigned as his attending physician.






  A Murmur of the HeartA Murmur of the Heart (To Aru Gekai to Naikai no.)

The manga centers on the same physician Misawa, who has always had an unrequited crush on the straight surgeon Kazami. Misawa had planned never to tell Kazami about his love for him, but after witnessing Tōno’s secret love affair, he is swayed into making a pass at Kazami.