New release: “The Man of Tango” + “His Favorite” 5

Two new releases from SuBLime!

man of tango

The Man of Tango (Tango no Otoko) by Tetuzoh Okadaya.

“Life is like tango; there are infinite steps.” Although hailed as “The Man of Tango,” Angie has never truly felt the deep, fiery passion of the dance until he met Hiro, a half-Latin, half-Japanese office worker who’s in no way interested in men. Angie feels a seething lust for Hiro the first time their eyes meet, and slowly, Hiro finds himself drawn to the Latin dancer who makes him feel the nostalgia of his birthplace. Before he knows it, he begins to open his body and heart to him. Drawn to carry you away in the passionate tango of when a man loves a man, this revised special edition of Tetuzoh Okadaya’s debut volume, The Man of Tango, includes previously unpublished content.

DIGITAL The Man of Tango-$5.99
PRINT  Amazon-$10.25 | Book Depository-$11.99 | Barnes & Noble-$10.25 | Rightstuf-$9.74

his favorite 5

His Favorite (Aitsu no Daihonmei) volume 5 by Suzuki Tanaka.

Awkward Yoshida’s life got flipped upside down when the hottest guy in school started hanging around him. Sato may have strong feelings for Yoshida, but the girls in school just can’t take a hint. What crazy antics will they use to try and woo Sato this time?!

DIGITAL His Favorite volume 5-$5.99
PRINT Amazon-$10.25 | Book Depository-$11.69 | Barnes & Noble-$10.45 | RightStuf-$9.74