New license: “Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai”

Digital Manga has licensed Kou Yoneda’s Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai!

The story centers around Yashiro, the masochistic Shinsei Kogyō president who is skilled at making money and concealing his true intentions. Chikara Doumeki serves as his silent attendant and bodyguard. Although Yashiro had decided not to get involved with his subordinates, he is attracted to Doumeki for some reason. Although Doumeki was invited by Yashiro, he cannot respond to the invitation for some reason. Yashiro lives in self-contradictions, while Doumeki obeys Yashiro with simple honesty.

The title will be available for print and digital release. There is currently no release date for the series, or an English title. UPDATE: the first volume will be released September 2014 and localised as “Songbirds Never Fly“!

SuBLime will be releasing Kou Yoneda’s NightS in January 2014 which means all of Kou Yoneda’s current released works have been licensed!