New release: “In Love and Obsession”

Its been a while since we’ve heard from them, but TachiNeko Guild are back with a new release!

in love and obesession

In Love and Obsession (Aishuu no Kanon) by Mariko Hihara & Yuki Amane.

After losing his parents when he was just a child, Nanami Hibino was taken in by his uncle and began leading an uneventful life. But it was about to change soon. One day when Nanami visited his mother’s grave, he met a mysterious man. Shinya Kaito was kind and generous, but only pretending to be so. Kaito bought out Hibino’s company and he pressured Nanami’s uncle to trade Nanami for the shares.

Kaito, a former servant to the Hibinos and an ex-lover of Nanami’s mother, is a man hell-bent on revenge. He just recently found out that the person whom he intended to torment was no longer alive. There was nobody left but Nanami with whom he could settle his grudge. Nanami was devastated and deeply hurt by Kaito’s cruelty at first, but gradually came to realize that the man was still in love with his deceased mother. Nanami took pity on Kaito and…

Nook – $5 | ENJU eBook Store – 525円

Currently the series has an Amazon page but is not available for purchase. There is, however, sample pages available to read.