New release: “False Memories” 1 + “Hide and Seek” 1

Two new series from SuBLime available today! Both are the first volumes of on-going series.

false memories

False Memories volume 1 (Ikasama Memori ) by Isaku Natsume.

Although they were best friends in high school, Nakano and Tsuda haven’t talked in ten years. Which may have a little something to do with the fact that not only were they more than best friends, but also that Tsuda broke Nakano’s heart, leaving him to pick up the pieces. Now that they’ve been thrown back together thanks to a work project, Nakano is determined to put the past behind him, and both men decide to keep their relationship strictly professional. The question is, can they?

DIGITAL False Memories volume 1 – $5.99
PRINT Amazon – $10.00 | Book Depository – $12.08 | Barnes & Nobles – $10.00 | Right Stuf – $8.70

hide and seek 1

Hide and Seek volume 1 (Himegoto Asobi) by Yaya Sakuragi.

Shuji, a divorced single dad running a modest corner shop, has an easy-going attitude and an eye out for anything to break the boredom of his days. So when Saji, the serious, reserved pediatrician who’s been coming into his store, suddenly declares that he’s gay and wants to take Shuji home, Shuji goes along with it out of simple curiosity. He thought they’d just mess around, have some fun, and that would be that. But he gets a lot more than he bargained for in this story of opposites in love!

PRINT Amazon – $11.02 | Book Depository – $12.08 | Barnes & Nobles – $11.03 | Right Stuf – $8.70