New release: “Perfect Training” + “Sweet Monster”

Two new digital releases from SuBLime!

perfect training

Perfect Training (Kanpeki na Shiiku) by Yuiji Aniya.

A man’s romantic dates with his boyfriend keep turning naughty. A shy teenage boy dreams of becoming a woman to fulfill his best friend’s fantasies. A farm boy in the big city winds up working as a gigolo—and then his innocent younger cousin shows up for a visit. A manga artist reluctantly takes a job drawing yaoi manga, only to find that his artwork reveals his hidden desires. This collection of unabashedly sensual short stories includes all these encounters and more.

DIGITAL Perfect Training – $5.99

sweet monster

Sweet Monster (Amasugi Monster) by Tsubaki Mikage.

They’re called Monsters: people with the power to assume animal forms, kept segregated from the rest of society. When he was young, Riku befriended a Monster boy named Tsukasa, only to be separated from him. Now, at an academy for Monsters, Riku has finally found his childhood friend. But can he overcome the distrust of his more-than-human classmates and reconnect with Tsukasa? And will their adult relationship be as close as their childhood friendship…or even closer?

DIGITAL Sweet Monster – $5.99