More free webcomics from Otome’s Way: “So What if I Misunderstood?” + “In the Palm of Your Hand”

Otome’s Way has two new webcomics are available for free and updated weekly!


So What if I Misunderstood? by Yuzuyu.

Riku and his (former) childhood best friend Mimuro used to be thick as thieves, but recently Riku’s gotten the feeling that Mimuro hates his guts now. Little does he know. however, that it’s exactly the opposite. Unfortunately for Mimuro, Riku is totally oblivious to all attempts to woo him. What’s a boy gotta do to get his crush to understand his feelings? Or have his actions thus far ruined everything already?

 In the Palm of Your Hand by Tokita Makoto.

Rookie doctor Saeki finds himself stationed as the attending physician to Izumi, a young man with an incurable illness who’s spent half his life within the crisp, aseptic confines of the hospital walls. The other doctors and nurses are at their wits’ end dealing with the spoiled little prince, but can he really be blamed for his attitude when he’s had to deal with the loneliness and fear his illness curses him to all alone…? –