New license: “NightS” + on-going series’ volumes

SuBLime has a new Kou Yoneda license lined up for 2014!


NightS by Kou Yoneda.

A collection of masterful, sensual stories by Kou Yoneda! In the title story, Masato Karashima is a “transporter,” a man paid to smuggle anything from guns to drugs to people. When he’s hired by yakuza gang member Masaki Hozumi, he finds himself attracted to the older man, and what starts out as a business transaction quickly spirals into a cat-and-mouse game of lust and deception. In “Emotion Spectrum,” a high-school student tries to be a good wingman for a classmate, with an unexpected result, while “Reply” is told from the alternating perspectives of an emotionally reserved salesman and the shy mechanic who’s in love with him.

NightS will be available for print and digital in January 2014.

In edition SuBLime have new volumes licensed for their on-going series:

  • Crimson Spell volume 5
  • Love Pistols volume 7
  • Hide and Seek volume 2
  • His Favorite volume 6