New release: “Sleeping Moon” 1 + “His Favorite” 4

sleeping moon 1

Sleeping Moon volume 1 by Kano Miyamoto.

In order to solve the mystery of a rumored curse that brings early death to the male descendants in his lineage, Akihiko Odagawa goes back to stay in his family’s ancestral home. One night, he experiences a time slip that lands him 100 years in the past! There he meets Eitaro, a student from the Meiji Period who is also trying to solve the same mystery. Bridging the gap between the past and the present, the two men traverse time and space as they work together to unravel the family’s secret.

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his favorite 4

His Favorite volume 4 by Suzuki Tanaka.

Awkward Yoshida’s life got flipped upside down when the hottest guy in school started hanging around him. Sato may have strong feelings for Yoshida, but he always loves expressing them in the cruelest ways possible. Just what happened in Sato’s childhood to shape him into the man he is today?

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