More changes in DMP calendar

Seems like DMP has shuffled their print calendar yet again. New dates as followed:

BK9_KP8CYAAv0c2.jpg large

July 2013
The Tyrant Falls in Love volume 8  by Hinako Takanaga (unchanged)
Wild Honey by Sei Takenaka (moved from August 2013)

August 2013
Princeless Honey by Shiuko Kano (unchanged)
Juicy Cider by Rize Shinba (unchanged)

September 2013
Ze volume 7 by Yuki Shimizu (moved from July 1013)

October 2013
Ai no Kusabi volume 8 by Reiko Yoshihara (moved from July 2013)
Lies are a Gentleman’s Manners by Marta Matsuo  (moved from September 2013)

November 2013
Mr. Mini Mart by Junko (moved from September 2013)
President Momoi Kun by Higashi Nishida (moved from August 2013)

December 2013
A Century of Temptation by Kairi Shimotsuki (moved from September 2013)
Depression of the Anti-Romanticist volume 2 by Riyu Yamakami & Yasuna Saginuma (previously unlisted)

BK9_QZiCcAEVUKO.jpg large

Hey, Class President! volume 4 by Kaori Monchi (moved from September 2013)
Deflower the Boss by Ayan Sakuragi (moved from September 2013)

The Incredible Kintaro by Naomi Guren (moved from October 2013)
Deadlock volume 1 by Yuh Takashina & Saki Aida (previously unlisted)

Ze volume 8 by Yuki Shimizu (moved from October 2013)

Dog x Cat volume 4 by Yoshimi Amasaki (previously unlisted)

Private Teacher! volume 4 by Yuu Moegi (previously unlisted)

Hey, Class President! volume 5 by Kaori Monchi (moved from November 2013)

Blue Sheep Reverie volume 6 by Tateno Makoto (moved from November 2013)

Ze volume 9 by Yuki Shimizu (moved from December 2013)

A New Season of Young Leaves by Venio Tachibana & Akeno Kitahara (moved from December 2013)

Does the Flower Bloom? volume 1 by Shoko Hidaka (moved from July 2013)

As Many As There Are Stars by Miecohouse Matsumoto (previously unlisted)

This will be the third time DMP has changed their schedule in the past half year.

The only title that was previously on schedule but unlisted in the new one is Does the Flower Bloom? volume 2, slated for January 2014 release. With the first volume pushed back to October 2014, the second volume will be a while away.

BLupdates’ release calendar has been updated to reflect these changes.