New release: Otome’s Way Anthology 1

otomesway anthology1

Otome’s Way Anthology volume 1.

The anthology contains two stories by Touen Momo (My Heart Returns to You & KANARIYA – CANARY) and one story by Utsunomiya Hiyoko (I GIVE UP). My Heart Returns to You and KANARIYA – CANARY are in full colour.

My Heart Returns to You – Plagued by a strange illness of the heart, the lord Naritsune is saved by the divinator Yuzuki. Naritsune is so impressed by his supernatural abilities that he asks Yuzuki to work for him. Unfortunately, word of those powers spreads to the imperial palace… [SAMPLE]

KANARIYA – CANARY – Sakuya cannot forget his now deceased lover so he drowns himself in pleasure at the hands of others. His favorite distraction is Taichi, but things get complicated as Taichi continues to question Sakuya’s wandering attention. [SAMPLE]

I GIVE UP! – Will this desperate student council president finally be able to get his best friend to understand the feelings he’s held for him since middle school? Or is he going to get caught up in the snare of those who would wish him harm first…? [SAMPLE]

DIGITAL Otome’s Way Anthology 1 English version – $5
DIGITAL Otome’s Way Anthology 1 Bilingual version – $7