New release: Yusura Ai Anthology 1 + Rensou + Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese

Otome’s Way has released their first, not one, but three titles!

yusura ai anthology

Yusura Ai Anthology volume 1.

A collection of stories by Ai Yusura. Contains the following stories:

Our Secret: Times are tough for Keita and Noboru as they duck the eyes of their fellow students to meet up on the school grounds—and it’s certainly not fun for Noboru to have to watch his popular boyfriend in the halls between classes. When Noboru finally finds himself hanging out at Keita’s place with their mutual friend in tow, will he be able to keep it together?

An RPG Romance: Teased as the school’s “hero” for being the only one with the guts to stand up to the super popular, super capable “Demon King” Nagawa Mao, Hirase’s about at his limit—until he gets stuck studying for a make-up test with none other than the Demon King himself in charge of the study session.

Collar Me: Honor student Seita doesn’t know how to react when his touchy-feely punk friend Kaya says he’s in love with him, pushing Kaya away out of aversion to being in a gay relationship. What exactly does ‘I love you’ mean coming from Kaya, anyway?

The Roommates’ Guide to Love: Yuuta has plans to go on a date with a girl—and consults his roommate Shinji for a bit of ‘hands-on study’ in order to ensure that his date goes off without a hitch. But when Shinji kisses him during their lesson, Yuuta has no idea what to make of it…

DIGITAL Yusura Ai Anthology volume 1 English version – $5
DIGITAL Yusura Ai Anthology volume 1 Bilingual version – $7


Rensou part 1 by Ai Yusura.

This full-color 60-plus-page first installment of an ongoing series is a beautiful look into the story of Soumaru, an orphan in search of the only family he may have left, and Koinosuke, a beautiful kabuki actor with a tragic past. Includes special effects such as blushing, glistening tears, blinking, etc. viewable on Otome’s Way online reader!

DIGITAL Rensou part 1 English version – $10
DIGITAL Rensou part 1 Bilingual version – $17

fujoshi guide

A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese 1 by Yumiko Akeba and Ai Yusura.

A primer for learning the language, brought to you by Otome’s Way’s own Yusura Ai and accomplished Japanese teacher Akeba Yumiko collaborating to bring to life this fun, flirty guide to Japanese. In this first volume, students will be introduced to the basics of Japanese pronunciation and writing—including the hiragana and katakana syllabaries—as well as learn to master greetings, self-introductions, and counting. Includes interactive charts, audio guidance, and more! Volume 1 in an on-going series.

DIGITAL A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese – $20 [Limited time price]

General notices:

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