Otome’s Way site renewal & new info

Otome’s Way has completely revamped their site with a new layout and a lot of new content.


Check out the free manga previews of featured mangaka Yusura Ai.

Included in the previews is……. a fujoshi’s guide to Japanese–! The full book will be released in May for the special price of $20, with a price increase to $29 after June 15. According to Otome’s Way, the book is written by an experienced Japanese and English teacher and illustrated by Yusura Ai. It is the first volume in an on-going series.

Yusura Ai’s Rensou and parts of her anthology will be released at the end of April.

Not only do they have education material, they are also trying something no others publishers have tried before: audio and visual effects.

…blinking eyes, flushed cheeks, glistening tears, voice-overs, the works! We hope that these subtle (and not-so-subtle) effects will improve the overall enjoyment of the work.

Yes, you’ve read right! Trust me, it’s not an April Fools (I had to read it several times to make sure too). Effects will be viewable on their online reader and iOS app.

Here are some select info from their FAQs:

  • Paypal is the only payment so far.
  • Price is in USD.
  • All releases by Otome’s Way will be bilingual (English and Japanese), starting at $5 for single language, $7 for bilingual.
  • Content (epubs, iOS app) will be available for download, PDFs will come in the summer.
  • Each month they will be featuring a mangaka, offering readers a free preview to their series.