New release: The Match Seller & Yebisu Celebrities 5

Two new SuBLime titles today!

the match seller

The Match Seller by Sakae Kusama

University student Kiyotaka Hirose finds a love letter tucked into the pages of a borrowed book. The intended recipient is a mystery, but the writer’s identity is clear: a fellow student who’s suddenly leaving Tokyo and heading back to his hometown. Hirose is determined to return the letter, and as he tries to do so he runs into a black-market match seller, Seiji Hanashiro. Drawn to each other at first sight, tangled up in destiny and their own feelings, the men see their lives turned upside down by a single love letter. The first volume of Sakae Kusama’s two-part standalone series, Lost Letters.

DIGITAL The Match Seller – $5.99

yebisu 5

Yebisu Celebrities volume 5 by Shinri Fuwa and Kaoru Iwamoto

Is Yebisu Graphics shutting its doors?! The president of Castle Watch—Boss’s father—falls ill and wants his son to take over the company. Haruka accidentally overhears the matter being discussed and becomes anxious when Boss continues to remain silent about it. Will boss help his ailing father, or will he stay with the company he put so much of himself into? Volume includes bonus manga and short story as well as the color splash pages from the magazine run. Please join us for the grand finale of the Yebrities saga!

DIGITAL Yebisu Celebrities volume 5 – $5.99