JManga to close its doors


JManga has announced it will be terminating its services, starting with closure of payments from today.

Schedule of termination (all in US Pacific Time):

  1. March 13, 11:59pm – JManga Point Distribution and Sales Termination
    No more purchasing of JManga points available now. All accounts have been changed to Free Memberships.
  2. March 26th, 11:59pm – Digital Manga Purchasing Service Termination
    No purchasing of manga on JManga from this date.
  3. May 30th, 11:59pm – Manga Viewing Service Termination
    JManga will terminate both the online reader, mobile site and Android app from this date forth. All content, manga and user data, will be erased.

JManga will be offering refunds for those with points leftover in their account, in the form of Amazon gift cards for unused points possessed at March 13th 2013, 11:59pm. This means you can spend your leftover points and still apply for a refund for the same amount.

For more details about refunds, please visit JManga’s notice.

To note, JManga never licensed any manga, so licenses are not involve in any way.

JManga7, the sister service of JManga, has already been terminated on Wednesday.

I’m personally really sadden by this announcement. They were once a pioneer for digital manga but quickly lost foot under the demand for DRM-free content. I thought JManga7 wasn’t doing so well, but I didn’t think the main site would go down as well. I have quite a few titles I’ve bought but not read, so I’ll finally be getting to them now. I’d like to say many thanks for the great selection of BL titles they brought over, especially the beloved My Darling Kitten Hair. I guess we can just hope that another publisher will pick up what JManga abandoned –maybe even in print!