New release: Sword and Mist + Love Pistols 6

Two new digital titles from SuBLime today:

sword and mist

Sword and Mist (Tsurugi to Kiri, 剣と霧) by Hayate Kuku

Zhen, a Wolf assassin, meets a beautiful courtesan while in pursuit of his latest target. Thinking she may be useful, he uses her to get closer to his quarry only to find out that “she” is actually a “he”—another Wolf assassin named Wu. What will happen to the two rivals now that they’ve flirted and even kissed?! It’s assassin on assassin as the Wolves grapple with their destiny and each other.

DIGITAL Sword and Mist – $5.99

love pistols 6Love Pistols volume 6 (Sex Pistols) by Tarako Kotobuki

Norio is training hard with Kunimasa’s brothers to get control of his True Soul and doing his best to fit in to zooman society. But every time he thinks he has a handle on his new life, something new crops up to throw him for a loop! The most recent complication is Kunimasa’s strange mood after attending a heavyweight debutant ball. What happened to Norio’s boyfriend at that ultra-exclusive party?!

DIGITAL Love Pistols volume 6 – $5.99