Weekly DMG round-up 4/2/13-10/2/13


 Come To The Infirmary Flame of the Tropical Butterfly the rivers current

  • Come To The Infirmary (Hokenshitsu e Irasshai, 保健室へいらっしゃい) by Rin Hashiba [eManga]
  • Flame of the Tropical Butterfly (Nettai no Chou wa Moete Iruka, 熱帯ノ蝶ハ燃エテイルカ) by Megumu Minami [eManga]
  • The River’s Current (リバーカレント) by Jun Kajimoto [eManga]
  • Love and a Sin by Mayu Taumi [Kindle | Nook]
  • Kiss Upon the Hair Whorl by Shinano Oumi [Nook]

All releases cost $7.95