New publisher: Otome’s Way


“Otome’s Way” is a group of creators and manga artists that produce Japanese style manga to the world. “Otome” means a girl in Japanese language. Our female manga artists present adult-oriented love stories which are popular among “fujoshi(腐女子)”, girls who love Yaoi (also called Boys’ Love, BL) .

(description from Otome’s Way’s Facebook)

Their list of artists currently include:

  • Jiu Senno
  • Kei Amamiya
  • Ai Yusura
  • Akai Kurokawa
  • Momo To’en
  • Erikirie
  • ruz
  • Hiyoko Utsunomiya
  • Mami & Natsumi
  • Seri Fujimiya
  • Sigma Torai
  • Mocca Hayashi

The digital manga will be available to readers in North America, Western Europe, Scandinavia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Australia. Japanese editions of the titles will also be available for customers in Japan.

The company told ANN it plans to release manga in print in the future, which can be shipped worldwide.


Otome’s Way will be bringing their first title, Rensou by Ai Yusura and Momo To’en, in April.

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