DMG round-up January

DMI has recently given eManga a complete revamp. Digital downloads and rewards system are one of the new features. DMI titles will still appear in digital stores such as Amazon but with a month delay, similar to their print releases.

All forthcoming digital releases will debut on eManga a month prior to their release in other ebook storefronts. In conjunction with the new download model, eManga will also be competitively priced with most eManga titles cheaper than their other store counterparts.

More information here.

self portrait love and a sin daily fiction love connect Get! 2 vector in love

  • Self Portrait (セルフポートレイト) by Kaname Itsuki [eManga]
  • Love and a Sin (Koi to Zaiaku, 恋と罪悪) by Mayu Taumi [eManga]
  • Daily Fiction (Kakuu no Hibi, 架空の日々) by Nari Hinomoto [eManga]
  • Love Connect (www.Love Connect) by Sakyou Yozakura [eManga]
  • Get! volume 2 by Ariko Kanazawa [eManga]
  • Vector in Love (Koisuru Vector, 恋するベクトル) by Rika Akira [Nook]

facing the incoming wind Pure Love’s Sexy Time

  • Facing the Incoming Wind (Ima ni Mukai Kuru Kaze, いまに向かい来る風) by Kouko Agawa [Kindle | Nook]
  • Pure Love’s Sexy Time (Junai Ero Ki, 純愛えろ期) by Psyche Delico [Nook]


It’s Not Me. It’s Gay Porn.

It’s Not Me. It’s Gay Porn. (Geibi de meiki ? kaihatsu ~ ojiru-mamire no 7 days ~, ゲイビで名器♂開発~雄汁まみれの7days~) by Togakushi Reiji.

(Sorry for the late post, I thought I posted half of this post earlier when the new eManga was released but I guess not, so here’s all of DMG’s titles from January!)