Monthly Archive: February, 2013

New release: Sword and Mist + Love Pistols 6

Two new digital titles from SuBLime today: Sword and Mist (Tsurugi to Kiri, 剣と霧) by Hayate Kuku Zhen, a Wolf assassin, meets a beautiful courtesan while in pursuit of his latest target. Thinking… Continue reading

Weekly DMG round-up 18/2/13-24/2/13

  In Order To Be Beside You (Kimi no Tonari ni Aru Tameni, 君の隣りに在るために) by Ayumi Kyouya [eManga] Sumida River Love Suicide (Sumidagawa Shinjuu, 隅田川心中) by Mayu Taumi [eManga] Sadistic Boy 2: Game… Continue reading

Weekly DMG round-up 11/2/13-17/2/13

Rose and Savage (Bara to Yaban, バラと野蛮) by Runa Konjiki [eManga] Shameful Body (Yamashii Karada, やましいからだ) by Kikuko Kikuya [eManga] All releases cost $7.95

Limited early release of Ze 7 & Tyrant Falls in Love 8

Two more series will be available for early limited sales on Akadot: Ze volume 7 in May. The Tyrant Falls in Love volume 8 (Final volume!) in June. The official release date for… Continue reading

New release: Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love 3

Volume 3 of Yaya Sakuragi’s Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love is now available! Ao’s in good spirits now that he’s realized he was never truly rejected by Ryomei. Ryomei, on the other… Continue reading

New release: Awkward Silence 3

SuBLime has released volume 3 of Awkward Silence by Hinako Takanaga. Yuji Sagara has enough worries already trying to find a part-time job to pay for college while his mother is in the… Continue reading

Weekly DMG round-up 4/2/13-10/2/13

All    Come To The Infirmary (Hokenshitsu e Irasshai, 保健室へいらっしゃい) by Rin Hashiba [eManga] Flame of the Tropical Butterfly (Nettai no Chou wa Moete Iruka, 熱帯ノ蝶ハ燃エテイルカ) by Megumu Minami [eManga] The River’s Current… Continue reading

Limited early release of Ai no Kusabi 8

Volume 8 of novel Ai no Kusabi will be available early as a limited pre-release at the end of April on Akadot. The official release date is July 31st. (source)

New publisher: Otome’s Way

“Otome’s Way” is a group of creators and manga artists that produce Japanese style manga to the world. “Otome” means a girl in Japanese language. Our female manga artists present adult-oriented love stories… Continue reading

Weekly DMG round-up 28/1/13-3/2/13

All Digital Manga Guild’s first BL novel was released this week!   37°C – Thirty Seven Degrees Celsius (Novel) by Rio Sugihara and Akeno Kitahata [eManga] Clean a Wound by Kentaro Matsumoto [eManga]… Continue reading