New release: We Immediately Swing At Foul Balls + Pochi and Tama

JManga brings two new Shusai Fumiko titles this week!

We Immediately Swing At Foul Balls

We Immediately Swing at Foul Balls (Sugu ni Te ga Deru Bokutachi wa, すぐに手が出る僕たちは) by Shusai Fumiko

Speaking of passionate love, Ginkawa who swings at foul balls. The serious, bespectacled Haguri who typically responds to that idiocy by ignoring/yelling at him or quickly striking out at him every day (swinging at fouls). He is angry, surprised, and irritated that Ginkawa is not discouraged… However, sometimes, silly men are controlled by their hearts, and there are moments where they can’t swing at that foul… A new author with a rumored excellent reputation gives us an omnibus of awkward school-days love, with an additional chapter which takes them into their futures!

DIGITAL We Immediately Swing at Foul Balls – 895 points

pochi and tama

Pochi and Tama (Pochi to Tama, ポチとタマ) by Shusai Fumiko

Cat-like Tama is easy-going, cute, but not upfront. Dog-like Pochi is cool and devoted. Tama, watched over closely by Pochi, is healed and worries, falls in love and into heat (laugh) – he’s very busy!? Roommates, newlyweds, see the explosive popularity of their lovey-dovey daily lives! A healing comedy which will make you 120% happier in difficult times!

DIGITAL Pochi and Tama – 895 points