New publisher: Amimaru

This seems to have completely slipped off my radar, so forgive the lateness, I somehow stumbled upon it today.

Amimaru is a digital service for reading and buying English manga on Facebook.

From their about page:

We aim to create a world of digital manga without region restrictions. Every title published by Amimaru is available to readers all over the world.

Amimaru has no subscription fees – each chapter is published individually using Facebook Credits.

They have a FAQ on their app if you’d like more information.

Gentle Kiss on your Body

They currently have one BL title, Gentle Kisses On Your Body (Karada ni Yasashii Kiss o, 君の体に優しいキスを), an anthology by seven up-and-coming authors.

Seven individual short stories, each themed and named after a line in the poem “A Kiss” by the 19th century writer Franz Grillparzer.

Featuring Furoki Yui, Ichikawa Kei, Io, Kimura Ima, Kiriya Naoe, Neema, Tanaka Hoshi, Togakushireiji, Unou Sanou

A Kiss of Reverence by Tanaka Hoshi is the only chapter available currently, at the price of 9 Facebook credits (90¢USD). There is a 9 page preview on their app.

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