Monthly Archive: January, 2013

New release: Where a Person is Most Vulnerable + The Ravishing of the Crown Prince

JManga and SuBLime both have new digital titles this week! Where a Person is Most Vulnerable (Ningen no Ichiban Muboubi na Bubun, 人間の一番無防備な部分) by Shusai Fumiko. Yamashita, somewhat neurotic, and hates ants for… Continue reading

New release: We Immediately Swing At Foul Balls + Pochi and Tama

JManga brings two new Shusai Fumiko titles this week! We Immediately Swing at Foul Balls (Sugu ni Te ga Deru Bokutachi wa, すぐに手が出る僕たちは) by Shusai Fumiko Speaking of passionate love, Ginkawa who swings… Continue reading

Release schedule updated

SuBLime recently updated their release schedule for the first three months of 2013. I’ve updated BLupdate’s release schedule with all the new titles, as well as updated all Digital Manga titles with their… Continue reading

New release: Punch Up! 3

Volume 3 of Kano Shuiko’s Punch Up! is now available from SuBLime. The relationship between architect Motoharu Maki and ironworker Kouta Ohki has settled down into a happy routine, but Motoharu is still… Continue reading

New release: Heart of Thomas

I was so excited for this release, I completely forgot to update about it, oops. Heart of Thomas (Thoma no Shinzou, トーマの心臓) by Hagio Moto A shōjo classic in english for the first… Continue reading

New publisher: Amimaru

This seems to have completely slipped off my radar, so forgive the lateness, I somehow stumbled upon it today. Amimaru is a digital service for reading and buying English manga on Facebook. From… Continue reading