Mod post + New release: My Darling Kitten Hair 2, His Favorite 2

Hello! Some new releases from this week before some mod rambling:

My Darling Kitten Hair 2

My Darling Kitten Hair volume 2 (Itoshi no Nekokke, いとしの猫っ毛) by Kumota Haruko available from JManga.

Kei-chan, a former Hokkaido boy, came to Tokyo to join his childhood friend and boyfriend, Mii-kun. They’re steadily nurturing their relationship at their love nest, Matatabiso, managed by Mii-kun, but they still have a slew of things to do! Celebrating a birthday, having Yucchi, Kei-chan’s look-alike nephew, pay them a visit, suffering from Hino-san’s typical tyranny and feeling embarrassed by Kitahara-san’s and Haru-kun’s display of affection. The second installment of the kitty love presents Mii-kun’s final departure of his wimpiness as he encounters these incidents.

DIGITAL My Darling Kitten Hair volume 2 – 895 points

His Favorite 2

His Favorite volume 2 (Aitsu no Daihonmei, アイツの大本命) by Tanaka Suzuki available from SuBLime.

Awkward Yoshida’s life got flipped upside down when the hottest guy in school started hanging around him. Sato could have any girl in class, so why is he so hung up on the short and ugly Yoshida? Is it because of his dark past, which he refuses to talk about? And is Yoshida finally ready to admit that he likes Sato as well?

PRINT Amazon – $10.39 | Bookdepository – $12.34 | More options @ SuBLime
DIGITAL His Favorite volume 2 – $5.99


Mod here!

I’m very sorry for the absence. To be honest, my interest in BL has dropped and I’ve caught the case of severe laziness.  I said I’d do a round-up with all missed releases/licenses, but I don’t think I can push myself to do so. Although it may be missing some things, please do a quick scroll through the BLupdates Twitter for missed news!

The most important news is that all Digital Manga (June and 801Media) print titles starting from January 1st 2013 have been delayed until June 2013. Digital Manga will be focusing on digital titles in the mean time. According to comments, titles scheduled for December 2012 releases have been affected as well. I will do an update of the Upcoming Releases page soon.

I’ll try my best to get BLupdates back into rhythm for the new year!