Briefs 10/8/12

January 30: President Momoi Kun by Nishida Higashi
January 30: Wild Honey by Takenaka Sei
February 27: Hey, Class President volume 4 by Fuwa Shinri & Iwamoto Kaoru
February 27: Juicy Cider by Shinba Rize
February 27: Lies Are A Gentleman’s Manners by Matsuo Marta
February 27: Mr Mini Mart by Junko
February 27: Priceless Honey by Kano Shiuko
March 27: A Century of Temptation by Shimotsuki Kairi
March 27: Deflower the Boss by Sakuragi Ayan
March 27: The Incredible Kintaro by Guren Naomi
April 24: Ze volume 8 by Shimizu Yuki

BLupdates’ Up-Coming Releases page has been updated with above dates.

  • Volume 5 of Shimizu Yuki’s Ze is being restocked in November, volume 6 in December. Volume 7 will be released in December, while volume 8 in April. (source)
  • Digital Manga titles now available as PDFs on WOWIO.
  • Digital Manga titles are also now available on iBooks. Currently there is no BL, but select titles from Digital Manga’s Juné and DMG imprints will be available in the future. More info here.