Monthly Archive: August, 2012

New release: Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love 1, Starting with a Kiss 1, Dousei Ai 2, Candy, Duetto

SuBLime has two new releases; the first volumes of both multi-volume series. Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love volume 1 (Yume Musubi Koi Musubi, 夢結び恋結び) by Sakuragi Yaya High school student Ao has… Continue reading

Weekly DMG round-up 6/8/12/-12/8/12

All LICENSES:    Because Of The Guilty (Yamashii Karada, やましいからだ) by Kikuya Kikuko Rose And Savage (Bara to yaban, バラと野蛮) by Konjiki Runa The Cat In The Box (Neko ga Hako no Naka, 猫が箱の中)… Continue reading

Reprint: Ai no Kusabi 2,3,6

Volumes 2, 3, and 6 of Reiko Yoshihara‘s Ai no Kusabi has been restocked at Akadot. Get your copies @ Akadot!

Briefs 10/8/12

Digital Manga updated their release schedule up to May 2013. January 30: President Momoi Kun by Nishida Higashi January 30: Wild Honey by Takenaka Sei February 27: Hey, Class President volume 4 by… Continue reading

New release: Ai no Kusabi 7

Ai no Kusabi: The Space Between volume 7 by Yoshihara Reiko Riki is back in Eos and under Iason the Tanagura Blondy’s power once again. Under the watchful eye of his new furniture… Continue reading

My Darling Kitten Hair update

If you’ve been waiting for the second volume of Haruko Kumota’s My Darling Kitten Hair like I have, you’ll be happy to know it won’t be too long a wait until it comes… Continue reading

Weekly DMG round-up 30/7/12-5/8/12

All RELEASES:   Earthian volume 1 (アーシアン) by Kouga Yun [Kindle | Nook] Crazy About You (Kimi ni Muchuu, 君に夢中) by Sohma Jinco [Kindle | Nook] Secret Garden (Himitsu no Hanazono, 秘密の花園) by Enomoto… Continue reading

New release: The Man I Picked Up + Akadot sale

Now available on Akadot: The Man I Picked Up (Otoko Hiroimashita, オトコ拾いました。) by CJ Michalski When bar owner Tamaki finds a bruised and battered stranger in the street, he’s instantly won over by… Continue reading

New release: I’ve Seen It All 1

Juné’s new release I’ve Seen It All volume 1 is now available at Akadot. I’ve Seen It All volume 1 (Boku wa Subete o Shitteiru, 僕はすべてを知っている) by Takaku Shoko Handsome Dr. Chihiro Saikawa… Continue reading