New release: Sweet Pool 1 + Drops of Desire

Two new SuBLime releases today:

Sweet Pool volume 1 by Kurumazaki Mayu & Nitro+CHiRAL

Yoji’s missed a semester of school due to his poor health, but now that he’s back he can’t help but notice classmate Tetsuo’s piercing gaze. The boy’s hard-to-read expressions and seeming lack of emotions give Yoji the creeps. Yet, when Tetsuo suddenly touches his neck, feelings of unbridled lust well up inside of him! What’s behind these ever intensifying urges making Yoji writhe like a cat in heat whenever Tetsuo’s around? It’s the manga version of the popular boys’ love game, sweet pool, complete with never-before-serialized pages! Don’t miss out on this dark and twisted tale of mystery!

Sweet Pool volume 1 – $5.99

Drops of Desire (Yokubou no Shizuku, 欲望のしずく) by Higashino You

On what should be a routine trip to the nurse’s office, Yuzuru walks in on school nurse, Kokuyo, as he’s ravaging one of Yuzuru’s fellow classmates. Unable to stay away from the dangerous yet charismatic man, Yuzuru finds himself an unwilling resident of the nurse’s office, unable to resist the onslaught of pleasure Kokuyo subjects him to or escape the confines of its walls. Will Yuzuru’s fear be overcome by the fleeting displays of warmth this mysterious man gives him, or will the realization that this man isn’t everything he seems have Yuzuru fighting for escape?

Drops of Desire – $5.99