New release: Only The Ring Finger Knows 5 (final volume)

The 5th and final volume of the Ring Finger novel series is now available on Akadot!

Only The Ring Finger Knows volume 5 – The Finger Never Sleeps by Kannagi Satoru & Odagiri Hotaru

Ever since that day, Wataru’s chest had always ached. At first, he was sad over how coldly he was treated. The smiling face Yuichi shared with everyone else rejected him alone. It pained him to be the target of nothing but sneering and sarcastic words.
Before long, he noticed himself caring for Yuichi. His desires were miraculously fulfilled, even after finding the place where the identical rings belonged.
But Wataru’s chest still ached like before…

Wataru Fujii and Yuichi Kazuki have been through many trials and tribulations, but when Yuichi goes to New York to visit Mizuho, an old girlfriend who is facing major surgery, Wataru begins to have doubts about the wisdom of letting him go. His worst fears seem to be realized when with only a limited explanation, Yuichi sends his ring back to Wataru! What can the return of Yuichi’s precious ring- the sybmol of his relationship with Wataru possibly mean?

Includes the side stories A Spring Break Secret and The Week Until the Ring Finger, which tells the beginning of Wataru and Yuichi’s relationship from Yuchi’s point of view.

Only The Ring Finger Knows volume 5 @ Akadot – $10.95

Volumes 3 & 4 of the series will be restocked soon.