New Guild: TachiNeko Guild

TachiNeko Guild is a new guild working with Japanese authors to release their content digitally. Currently they are only accepting authors into their guild.

TachiNeko Guild is formed from authors and the Guild Editorial Team. Authors who join the Guild will be presented with the opportunity to release their books in English (digital edition) while retaining all rights to their work and earning maximum royalties. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Their first release is by Hihara Mariko, who has been self-publishing some of her works online, even releasing (now deleted) English versions on Kindle.

Passion Under the Full Moon -My Beloved Werewolf 1-
by Hihara Mariko & Amane Yuki

Baron John Wolf Hunter is a man with a dark secret. Cursed with the blood of Fenrir the Wolf, he struggles to control his bestial impulses all while falling madly in love with a young and innocent librarian, William. But William harbors a secret of his own…

William Powys is a descendant of the great mages. With his power to ward off evil spirits, he embarks on a mission to investigate paranormal phenomena that plague Victorian London. Though at first William finds Lord Hunter arrogant and overbearing, he soon becomes enthralled by the baron’s charms.

Set in Victorian England, this is a love story full of mystery!

Kindle (censored) – $4.99
Nook – $5.00
ENJU eBook Store – 420円

My Beloved Werewolf volume 2 is scheduled to be released September, and a new project Aishuu no Kanon by Hihara Mariko & Hozumi Nei is scheduled for November.

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