New release: Awkward Silence + Punch Up!

Two new SuBLime titles have been release today, both in digital and print!

Awkward Silence volume 1 (Bukiyou na Silent, 不器用なサイレン) by Takanaga Hinako

Satoru is an introvert with a longtime crush on Keigo, a popular boy on the baseball team. But much to his surprise, Keigo comes up to him and asks him out! Satoru is so overcome he can’t respond. Will Satoru be able to get past his shyness, or will he lose his chance with the boy he loves?

Awkward Silence – $5.99
Amazon – $12.99 | Book Depository – $12.99 | More options @ SuBLime

Punch Up! volume 1 (Punch ↑) by Kano Shuiko

Architect Motoharu Maki is hanging out at the construction site ogling a particular hunky, well-toned construction worker when he is unexpectedly reunited with his lost cat, Shinobu. The reunion is all thanks to Kouta Ohki, a foul-mouthed young ironworker who found and cared for the lost cat. Unfortunately for Kouta, this act of kindness led to his eviction! When Motoharu agrees to take in young Kouta, will he be able to tame this feisty stray? Includes a bonus Play Boy Blues side story.

Punch Up – $5.99
Amazon – $12.99 | Book Depository – $12.99 | More options @ SuBLime