Monthly Archive: July, 2012

Digital Manga’s 801 day contest

Digital Manga will be celebrating Yaoi Day (August 1st PST) by holding a day of yaoi trivia! Of course, there are prizes if you answer correctly. Prizes include out of print manga, new… Continue reading

Weekly DMG round-up 23/7/12-29/7/12

RELEASES:   Beloved Toy (Koisuru Omocha, 恋するオモチャ) by Akira Rika [Nook] Outrageous Cherry Voice (Furachi na Cherry Voice, ふらちなチェリーボイス) by Enomoto Tsubaki [Kindle | Nook | eManga] Angel Heart by Shinohara Udou [Kindle… Continue reading

Briefs 27/7/12

SuBLime’s cover of His Favorite volume 1 (Aitsu no Daihonmei, アイツの大本命) by Tanaka Suzuki posted. His Favorite will be released September 11, in both print and digital format. Digital Manga titles are now… Continue reading

New release: Dousei Ai 1

Dousei Ai volume 1 by Mizushiro Setona is now available at JManga. Tsubaki Sugiura, a normal 14-year-old, is thoroughly rejected by his trusted friend Kaoru Ebata. “There’s no way I’d fall in love with… Continue reading

New release: Sweet Pool 1 + Drops of Desire

Two new SuBLime releases today: Sweet Pool volume 1 by Kurumazaki Mayu & Nitro+CHiRAL Yoji’s missed a semester of school due to his poor health, but now that he’s back he can’t help… Continue reading

Weekly DMG round-up 16/7/12-22/7/12

All RELEASES: Wild Rose (Nobara, 野ばら) by Haruko Kumota [Kindle | Nook] If The Wish Is Fulfilled (Moshimo Negai ga, もしも願いが) by Tatsuki [Kindle | Nook] NOT FOR SALE! by Sanae Rokyua [Kindle… Continue reading

New release: Only The Ring Finger Knows 5 (final volume)

The 5th and final volume of the Ring Finger novel series is now available on Akadot! Only The Ring Finger Knows volume 5 – The Finger Never Sleeps by Kannagi Satoru & Odagiri… Continue reading

New license: The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame

If you’re interested in bara, you’d be happy to know PictureBox will be releasing a collection of gay-bondage themed works  by Tagame Gengoroh. This will be the first major publication of bara manga… Continue reading

New Guild: TachiNeko Guild

TachiNeko Guild is a new guild working with Japanese authors to release their content digitally. Currently they are only accepting authors into their guild. TachiNeko Guild is formed from authors and the Guild… Continue reading

Weekly DMG round-up 9/7/12-15/7/12

All RELEASES: You In The Window (Madobe no Kimi, 窓辺の君) by Kumota Haruko [Kindle | Nook] A Rose Colored Life volume 1 (Jinsei wa Barairo Da, 人生はバラ色だ。) by Hashida Yukari [Kindle | Nook] I… Continue reading