Weekly DMG round-up 18/6/12-24/6/12




  • It’s Only Love (Takaga Koi daro, たかが恋だろ) by Aida Saki & Yamada Yugi [Kindle | Nook]
  • A Night of a Thousand Nights (Ikusen no Yoru, 幾千の夜) by Kinoshita Keiko [Kindle | Nook]
  • Second Night of a Thousand Nights by Kinoshita Keiko [Kindle | Nook]
  • Tie Me Up With Your Love (Shibatte Aishite, 縛って愛して) by Watanabe Asia [Nook]
  • Touch Blue by Kujou Aoi [eManga]
  • Would That Not Be The Case! by Kagurazaka Hanko [eManga]