New release: Same Difference, Bad Teacher’s Equation 4, In These Words 1

Same Difference (Docchi mo Docchi, どっちもどっち) by Hiiragi Nozomu

From their offices high in a corporate skyscraper, alpha males Ozaki and Tsuburaya make all the girls swoon. Ozaki’s known for his irresistible pheromones, while Tsuburaya’s a noble, worldly genius. But when these rivals end up in bed together, who will prove to be top dog? It’s seme versus seme – and much more than pride’s on the line!

Same Difference @ Akadot – $10.50

Bad Teacher’s Equation
volume 4 (Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki, 腐った教師の方程式) by Kodaka Kazuma

Now what..? Sensei is going on a blind date!?… with a girl!? Is this just to throw someone off? Or does he have a change of heart? Atsushi can only hope that this is some kind of joke. Normally, he would know how to deal with a male nemesis that would approach Sensei but this time, it’s a girl..!? He has no clue how to combat this! Confused and depressed, Ma-chan tries to cheer Atsushi but it’s not really working. Can he overcome this frustrating feeling?

Bad Teacher’s Equation volume 4 @ Akadot – $15.95

In These Words volume 1 by Guilt|Pleasure

Asano Katsuya is an US trained psychiatrist who had been recruited by the Tokyo Police Department to provide a profile through the victims’ data. Based on Asano’s profile and recommendation, an elaborate plan was put in place to lure the serial killer out. It was within months the plan bore a successful result. After three years and twelve victims, Shinohara Keiji was finally in the police custody. Shinohara had promised a thorough confession, however, on the absolute term that Asano has to be the one to receive it. Besides the curious request by the killer whom Asano was only familiar with on paper, disturbing nightmares began to plague him as soon as he was given the case….

In These Words volume 1 @ Akadot – $12.95