New release: Dog x Cat 3 + Castle Mango (digital)

Dog x Cat volume 3 (Wanko to Nyanko, わんことにゃんこ) by Amasaki Yoshimi is now available at Akadot.

After landing jobs, Junya and Atsu decide to take the plunge and move in together! Sadly, they’re both so busy that they hardly have time for a quick kiss…or anything else. And what will happen when the always-devilish Professor Tokura decides to meddle with their bittersweet honeymoon?
Dog x Cat takes two feisty and cuddly men and forces them to wrestle with burning passion! Can a romance that blossomed out of a treasured childhood friendship stand the test of time? Or will the demands of adult life destroy the bonds of love?

Dog x Cat volume 3 @ Akadot – $12.50


Castle Mango volume 1 by Ogura Muku and Konohara Narise is now available digitally for Nook and Kindle, for $7.95.