Monthly Archive: May, 2012

New license: Konbini-kun

Digital Manga has acquired Junko’s Konbini-kun (コンビニくん), English title Mr. Mini Mart, for print! NEET shut-in Endou just wants to get his life back on track, but employment at a convenience store brings rude Yamai… Continue reading

Weekly DMG round-up 14/5/12-20/5/12

All RELEASES:   For My Cherry Blossom (Sakura ni Aitara, さくらにあいたら) by Furutsuji Kikka [Kindle | Nook] It May Not Be Love (Koi ja Nai Kamo Ai ja Nai Kamo, 恋じゃないかも愛じゃないかも) by Kujou Aoi… Continue reading

New release: Dog x Cat 3 + Castle Mango (digital)

Dog x Cat volume 3 (Wanko to Nyanko, わんことにゃんこ) by Amasaki Yoshimi is now available at Akadot. After landing jobs, Junya and Atsu decide to take the plunge and move in together! Sadly,… Continue reading

Weekly DMG round-up 7/5/12-13/5/12

RELEASES:   All Awakened Dreamer (Kakusei Shigansha, 覚醒志願者) by Kurokawa Azusa [eManga | Kindle | Nook] Kine In! (キネイン!) by est em [eManga | Kindle | Nook] Help Me Reach the Top Shelf… Continue reading

New release: Kizuna 6

Kizuna (絆) volume 6 by Kodaka Kazuma is now available on Akadot. How do you tell your father that you are dating another man? Both Kei and Ranmaru had enough – they don’t… Continue reading

Daily Briefs 11/5/12

Seems like DMP’s sales manager has taken a liking to Matsuo Marta, in particular Lies are a Gentleman’s Manners (Usotsuki wa Shinshi no Hajimari), where it looks like she sent an offer to… Continue reading

New release: Doukyusei

Nakamura Asumiko’s Doukyusei (同級生) is finally available at JManga! During music class before the school chorus festival, Hikaru Kusakabe notices that his classmate Rihito Sajo—a smart kid who wears glasses—isn’t really singing. Kusakabe… Continue reading

New releases: Do You Like Me? + Love Pistols 3 + Samejima-kun and Sasahara-kun

Two Three more releases for today! Do You Like Me (Adult Teacher wa Osuki?, アダルトティーチャーはお好き?) by Aion Kiu, released by SuBLime. When frisky high school student Yuhi started dating his hot math teacher… Continue reading

New release: Mo’some Sting

Mo’some Sting by Yamashita Tomoko is now available on JManga! Tanuki, a suicidal law consultant, shares an unlikely friendship with Asagi, who is half-immersed in the underworld. But when Asagi’s niece, Towako, has… Continue reading

Interest: SuBLime covers

SuBLime has posted cover previews for two of their up-coming print releases! Personally, I’m not too fond of them using the same image all over the book… What do you guys think?