New release + licenses: How’s Your Ex? + 3 DMP print licenses

Seems like the last day of April has a few goodies for us:

Tateno Makoto’s How’s Your Ex? (Wakareta Otoko wa Ikaga desu ka?, 別れた男はいかがですか?) is now available from SuBLime.

It took forever for Yoji to get over his ex-boyfriend and former colleague, Tomoe, who suddenly quit the company and dumped him at the same time. But with the merger of their rival companies, Yoji finds himself having to work with Tomoe once again. When Tomoe speaks and touches him as he used to, familiar feelings begin to stir.

How’s Your Ex? – $5.99

DMP has announced three new licenses today, via Twitter, for their Juné and 801 Media labels! All three titles will get  releases.


  • A Century of Temptation (Izanai Hyakunen no Koi, 誘い 百年の恋) by Shimotsuki Kairi – Juné
  • Deflower the Boss (Uchi no Shachou wa Cherry desu, うちの社長はチェリーです。) by Sakuragi Ayan – Juné
  • The Incredible Kinatro (Masaka no Kintaro, まさかの金太狼) by Guren Naomi – 801 Media

DMP said release dates for titles will be announced soon.