New releases: Viewfinder: special episode, NightS, Kiss Ariki ep9

Animate USA has released 3 new titles for Kindle this April!

Viewfinder series: Hard-Working Cameraman Akihito Takaba’s Romantic Life as an Indentured Servant by Yamane Ayano

“Finder no Netsujou” First limited edition Special Episode!
Akihito needs to work as an indentured servant at a high-grade hot-spring inn.
Asami suddenly shows up there and Fei-long too!
Fei-long, Asami, and Akihito…forbidden 3-way play!

NightS by Yoneda Kou

If you fall in love, you’ll be easily betrayed.
Even if you’re loved, betrayal is simple.
Loving and being loved will get you stabbed in the back.
That’s how love is in the underworld.

Kiss Ariki episode 9 by Nitta Youka

Domoto suddenly receives an offer to go independent from the Suki clan. In reality, the one pulling the strings behind it is Asato, whom both Tohru and Domoto trust! These men’s ambitions for the family crest are starting to tremble!