Weekly DMG Round-up 16/4/12-22/4/12



  • What? Sensei (Oshiete! Sensei) by Sakurano Nayuna [Nook | eManga]



  • Mister Convenience by Aniya Yuiji
  • Because, Isn’t It Love!? (Datte Aija Nai) by Ebihara Yuri
  • The Secret Garden (Himitsu no Hanazono) by Enomoto Tsubaki
  • I Want To Hear Your Voice (Kimi no Koe ga Kikitai) by Hashida Yukari
  • Sink Into You (Kimi ni Shizumu) by Ishino Aya
  • Weekend of Dreams (Yume Mita Shuumatsu) by Ishino Aya
  • A Dictator In White Coat (Hakui no Shihaisha) by Kabutomaru Choko
  • Passing Line (Goukaku Line) by Kanade Hazuki
  • Prince and Butler (Ouji to Shitsuji) by Katagiri Rayra
  • Love Makes People Grow (Hito wa Ai wo Tabete Sodatsu) by Maiko Marry
  • Fever (Binetsu) by Misugi Karin
  • Flame Of The Tropical Butterfly (Nettai no Chou wa Moete Iruka) by Minami Megumu
  • Imprisoned Beauty (Ryoshuu Reijin) by Mizukami Shin
  • In The Sweet Palm Of Your Hand (Amai Tenohira) by Murakami Sachi
  • The Pain in my Heart (Boku no Mune ga Itakutemo – Glass) by Nomo Marino
  • Yuri & Yura (Yuri to Yura) by Sakurai Shushushu
  • JIVE (Hounetsu Jive) by Shinba Rize
  • I Can Feel Your Hand (Kimi no Te wo Kanjiteru) by Shima Asahi
  • Secret Love: Overture (Himekoi) by Sugita Satomi
  • Secret Love: Finale (Mitsukoi) by Sugita Satomi
  • Love and a Sin (Koi to Zaiaku) by Taumi Mayu
  • Suicide For Love (Sumidagawa Shinjuu) by Taumi Mayu
  • To Sow a Seed (Tane o Maku Hito) by Terashima
  • Spider by Uchida Kazuna
  • It’s Only Love (Takaga Koi daro) by Yamada Yugi & Aida Saki
  • Love Connect (www.Love Connect) by Yozakura Sakyou

Went over DMG’s new license list and it seems they’ve added a lot of new titles! I don’t have time to add all the covers so I only included a few that appealed to me; mouse over the cover for the titles.


  • DMG now has a list of all their licenses. Title are arranged by English title, contains shoujo and other genre titles.
  • “As a final note! We want our DMG titles in print as much as you guys do! Currently we can only release them digitally, but rest assured we’ve heard the demand for print, and if we can fill said demand we’ll let you know!”
    – from DMP