Daily Briefs 19/4/12

  • Volume 7 and 8 Shimizu Yuki’s Ze have been given rough release dates! December for volume 7 and Spring 2013 for volume 8.
  • Reminder that earlier volumes of Ai no Kusabi will be reprinted starting June!
  • DMG has created a list of titles they’ve licensed. They’ve said they will be adding information on which group is doing what and their progress, in the future. I’ll still be updating the one on this site, because I find it easier to go through titles by mangaka, rather than English title. I’ll be double checking DMG’s list with BLupdate’s own for missed titles in the next couple of days.
  • Akadot/Yaoi Club now has cheaper international shipping! You can now select from First Class, Priority, and Express mail. Excellent news for us international peeps! They stock some books that can’t be found elsewhere, as well as stock some Japanese titles, and get new releases earlier than other retailers.
  • Book Depository is offering 10% off orders. They ship internationally for free to a large selection of countries and accept 6 different currencies. April/May looks like a good month for BL, so now’s your chance to get it for cheaper, or you can pre-order future titles! Discount is valid until May 14.