Daily Briefs 17/4/12

September 26: Sleepless Nights by Murakami Sachi
September 26: Secret Thorns by Kikuya Kikuko
October 31: Honey*Smile by Miyazawa Yura
November 30: I’ve Seen It All volume 2 by Takaku Shoko
November 30: Love Makes Everything Right by Rokuya Sanae
December 26: The Tyrant Falls In Love volume 8 (end) by Takanaga Hinako
December 26: Ai No Kusabi volume 8 by Yoshihara Rieko

Titles have been added to the Up-Coming Releases list, along with covers. So this is what DMP has planned for 2012, what do you guys think?

  • SuBLime titles have been updated to the Up-Coming Releases list too. Dates taken from Amazon, as SuBLime doesn’t have dates for the titles up on their site yet, so it may not be 100% accurate.

  • As previously reported, Kannagi Satoru’s Only the Ring Finger Knows series will begin reprinting earlier volumes in June, but it seems books will be available in book stores at the same time Akadot gets it?