New release + license: double est em

est em’s Apartments of Calle Feliz (Happy End Apartment) has been released on JManga!

When his love found a new man, Luca found himself in need of a new place to live. He spotted a room for rent flyer that lead to a bold offer from the landlord. The landlord, and now roommate, Javi guides Luca while composing a story for a novel. After observing the neighbors living in their apartment on the end of Calle Feliz, Luca writes a brand new story, committed to finding a happy end for each person there. This is the story of how Luca, Javi and all their neighbors eventually find their own happy ending.

Summary from JManga.

Apartments of Calle Feliz – 895 points

JManga has also announced in this week’s newsletter that Working Kentauros (Hatarake, Kentauros!) has also been picked up and will be released next Thursday! While technically not BL, it’s a great slashable read from est em (and it features a moe businessman centaur, how can you resist?).

After the passing of the Equal Opportunity Employment Act, everyone has equal rights in the workplace. Unfortunately, there are still many logistical difficulties yet to be overcome. Like, how’s a centaur supposed to sit at a desk made for humans, anyway?

Summary from Mangaupdates.

Both titles are only.