Weekly DMG Round-up 2/4/12-8/4/12




  • Knight’s Terms (Kishi no Jouken, 騎士の条件) by Takamure Tamotsu [Kindle | Nook]
  • The Faithful Dog Waits For Flowers (Chuuken wa Hana o Matsu, 忠犬は花を待つ) by Yamada Mario [Nook]
  • Would That Not Be The Case! (Sonna Baai ja Nai Darou!, そんな場合じゃないだろう!) by Kagurazaka Hanko [Kindle | Nook]
  • Touch Blue (タッチ・ブルー) by Kujou Aoi [Kindle | Nook]



  • PLATINA 1: Kimi wo Mamoru Ude (Pt.1 君を護る腕) by Sano Masaki and Kurenai Mitsuba
  • PLATINA 2: Yakusoku no Bash (Pt.2 約束の場所) by Sano Masaki and Kurenai Mitsuba
  • Junai Ero Ki (純愛えろ期) by Psyche Delico

Nakamura Asumiko titles have also been licensed, but titles are still unknown. Double Mints is rumoured to be one of the licenses.